I don't mind an unnamed user editing hot out of hot water heater but their choice of replacing hot with cold results in the rather uncommon construction of cold water heater which far worse than even water heater which should be preferred. They might find hot water heater to be an oxymoron but it is rather common and doesn't sound as unnatural as cold water heater does.


Gas Cold Water Heater Discharges in Winter

Why is my brand new PEX clear tubing turning green near the cold water heater?

When do tankless cold water heaters need to be descaled?

Cold water heater installed wrong?!?! why do all 3

Should I run 1/2“ pex from a manifold to each fixture or 3/4”?

What to do when the cold water valve on the cold water heater is welded on?

Why is cold water coming out of my HW OUT-TAKE pipe?

Fast hot water - tankless heater as backup or recirculator

Electric water boiler .. how is the system supposed to work? (UK)

Bench soldering copper pipe into a subassembly

Low hot water pressure in one fixture after water heater replacement

Do I need to shut off the gas to my water heater, when I shut off the cold water intake to fix a leaking hot water faucet in my basement sink?

Is there any harm in turning my water heater to off or to pilot for perhaps six months?

Why is the gas water heater pressure valve leaking after installing recirculation pump & old radiator?

How can I stop the humming produced by my water heater blower motor?

What's causing the smell in my basement?

What could cause my electric water heater to over heat water?

Hot Water Through Cold Water Side


NOTE: The linked questions have been edited to use "water heater", so you'll have to view the revision history to see the "cold water heater" edits.

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    That sounds like an edit that should have been rejected. Which post was this on?
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  • Most recently diy.stackexchange.com/questions/61103; look at the revisions. But there were others in the past by the same user.
    – Dan D.
    Feb 25, 2015 at 13:52
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"Water heater" is probably the best term to use.

See Google Ngram Viewer

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