Why was this question not only closed, but locked as well?

I wanted to add a comment explaining that his "problem" was really a non-issue (pool heating is actually more efficient if you limit the temperature rise in the collection pipes), but now I can't even do that.


It was originally posted on Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange. It was closed there (using their equivalent of the "shop-for-me" reason that many sites have), then migrated here. Since it's off-topic here (again because it's "shop-for-me"), it was closed as such; this rejects the migration, which also locks the copy here on Home Improvement. That's just the way that migration works.

However, rejecting the migration unlocks the question on the originating site, so if you really want to leave a comment for the OP, there's a link to it in the "Migrated from... " notice underneath the question on the copy here. Clicking on that link will bring you to the revision history, then click on "Return to question".

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