The tag should become a synonym for . (Besides, there are some klutzes who put and on their ceiling fan question -- that should be rectified sometime as well...)

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Yes it should!

It was an obvious synonym, so I went ahead and merged them. You should only see from now on.

As I write this, we have 36 questions tagged with both and ... not a huge job to edit out those tags and replace with no questions left with the and tags.

If we get some ceiling fan questions in the future with those tags, and anyone wants to help with the cleanup, remember to do a few at a time so that the front page doesn't get flooded with edits, and fix all the problems with the post (typos, formatting, etc.)

For what it's worth, I'm not a huge fan of the tag either; I'd be in favor of more specific tags for the type of fan: , , and so on. But that's a story meta question for another day...

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