I posted this question recently, and it was closed for the following reasons: enter image description here

It says: Instead, describe your situation and the specific problem you're trying to solve.

My question: why was it closed? I'm not asking for product or service recommendations and I describe my situation and the specific problem I'm trying to solve. It also received two upvotes.


The most pointed reason that the question was closed is summarized in a comment as "This is an appliance usage question and not about home improvement".


Actually, I think is an XY problem that wasn't clearly stated. One of the answers actually "gets" it:

But it seems the real problem you're having is the soapy water backing up into the first floor dishwasher.

I think that better than a Close (which was not "wrong", just missed the point, IMHO) would have been to Edit the question to change it a bit (yes change it, that isn't against the rules and could always be reverted if OP doesn't like it) from an "appliance" problem (off-topic) to a plumbing problem (on-topic).

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