I don't think this question should have been closed/marked off-topic. It's clearly a home improvement question, in fact the solution I personally ended up going with was DIY (the domain of this page is diy.homeimprovement.stackexchange), a solution I can't share now because the question was closed.

The first few comments on the topic were fair: please provide an image, more details, etc., which I did end up providing. But the flippant, patronizing responses of some of the commenters ("nOt EvErythIng Is On AmAzOn") suggest the question was closed out of ignorance rather than a violation of any specific policy.

Lastly: I can't find any specific policy rules anywhere in the help center. Is it really just up to the whims of the 6 or so people with the VtC privilege?

I'll also point out this question, highly upvoted with multiple answers that's literally someone asking if a part exists (just like my question). How is the above on-topic if mine is off-topic?


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See this meta discussion for more details about our product recommendation policy. There's also a section in our help page that describes what questions are on and off topic for the site.

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