It's a substantial accomplishment (especially for someone who's not an electrician), and I greatly appreciate Ed's depth of experience and willingness to share time here.

Well done, Ed.

  • FYI he's not around any more. Last seen "more than a month ago", last posted in May 2023, posted only twice in all of 2023, last post before that was August 2022.
    – nobody
    Jan 14 at 14:05
  • 8
    There's not a lot of users at that rep level anymore. Community congrats should still be appropriate as long as the achievement is uncommon
    – Machavity
    Jan 15 at 14:39
  • 7
    @nobody Ed's name still shows up plenty of places - e.g., old questions that come up because of "Community" or because someone tried to answer a question with another question. He is one of those people I recognize from when I started posting here and definitely admire & respect. Jan 16 at 1:19

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Yes! Congratulations Ed!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I always enjoy learning from you.

I was going through some of my favourite content you have authored, and it reminded me how much I've learned from you. Thank you for your generosity.


Best wishes Ed Beal wherever you are — thanks to you and other frequent posters here from whom I've learned a great deal.


Congratulations Ed. Hope you're doing well. Miss seeing you here. You shared lot of your knowledge with us and I thank you for that.

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