I've noticed that some of the other SE sites have moved away from the "default" theme that DIY is now on. I think that as we grow, we should create our own theme as well. Any suggestions for what this should contain?

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You get a theme when you graduate from public beta. We're still waiting on a huge traffic jump to get the green light.

I think the existing theme is pretty close to what I would choose. I like how it resembles a blueprint (thanks to the graph paper background). Just build it up a little bit so it's distinct from the beta theme, dotted lines, callouts, etc. Definitely like the "Under Construction" feel.

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    we are planning a much more overtly blueprint-y design, but I totally agree – Jeff Atwood Feb 9 '11 at 16:38
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    needs more caution tape! – Doresoom Feb 9 '11 at 16:48
  • Wait a minute, how did the spelling on 'moar' get corrected? Is there an anti-meme-type spelling filter, or does someone have super comment edit powers? – Doresoom Feb 11 '11 at 21:41

In addition to what Steve said, the stats we look for prior to launch are here


For context, the overall network stats are at


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