It sounds like there are some changes to the blog in the works, so while work is being done I thought it might be time to re-request a feature. In a previous question I asked for WordPress plug-ins to automatically post links to social media sites.

Since the blog is getting work done, could this be baked in?

How it should work

When a new blog entry is published, a link should be automatically posted to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ (and possibly other social media sites).

I'm not sure if other SE blogs have google+ or facebook accounts, but here at Home Improvement we try to get the word out when new entries are published. Unfortunately, this is currently a manual process.

It would be really nice, if all we had to do is set a publish date/time for an entry. Then on that day the article would be published, and a link would be posted to twitter, facebook, and google+.


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