With the help I received in my question how do I fix an uneven cement floor prior to hardwood flooring install, the process of install was great. I would like to share with the answer posters the results of their help. Would this be unwanted here?

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Why would it be in bad taste? It's another way of giving positive feedback -- beyond commenting, upvoting and accepting -- to the people who helped you with the problem you were having.

In the related question, Something to encourage? Photos/followup to questions., they talk about doing it either as an update to the question, or posting a separate answer. However, since that question was posted, the DIY blog has gone live, so a third way of sharing your work is to write a blog post. If you're interested, drop into the DIY chat room, say the word "blog", and prepare to be mobbed (in a good way) as you get set up to write one.

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    I'll second writing it up as a blog post. It doesn't have to have many words. Just something along the lines of "Thanks to the answers on [this question](link) I was able to do this:" :) – ChrisF Sep 18 '12 at 7:50

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