There will be changes in close reasons in the next few days:

  • “not constructive” and “not a real question” are replaced by

  • “unclear what you're asking”

  • “too broad”
  • “primarily opinion-based”
  • “off-topic” can be refined with predefined sub-reasons. These sub-reasons can cover common motifs that are not obvious from the site name, or cases where we would formerly have used “too localized”, which will disappear.

  • Closed questions will be labelled as “on hold” for 5 days, and “closed” afterwards.

Should we have predefined close reasons?


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Here are the predefined close reasons from the help page:

  • The cost of a job or the price of tools as these will vary between locations and over time.
  • Shopping assistance, product recommendations, or brand specific advice.
  • Legal questions, including contracts with builders, contractor negotiation, and rental agreements.
  • Decorating advice.
  • Hobby projects.
  • Local building codes or advice limited to your area.
  • Ranting. Please try to ask your question without a long complaint.
  • Operation of major appliances or questions regarding small appliances.

I'd say that the below off topics that belong on another site don't need a close reason, we'll migrate them instead.

  • Cars, motorbikes, boats etc. (Try motor vehicle maintenance and repair.)
  • Landscaping. (Try gardening and landscaping.)

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