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Should "this is what I did" be updates to the question or stand alone answers?

We get some people who will return to their asked question to post "this is what I ended up doing". Some update their original question, some post it as an answer. When I see it as an update ...
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1 answer

Duplicate questions getting re-answered

This may come off as a rant - and I guess maybe it is one (at least a little bit), but here goes... Why do users re-answer questions which are clearly and obviously duplicates instead of flagging them ...
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What is the policy for answers written as comments?

Different stacks seem to handle this to different degrees. I recently flagged a comment made under a question which was clearly meant to be an answer; after three existing answers had already been ...
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Adding answer to my own question with details on how I resolved it?

A couple of weeks ago I asked this question on how to fix a cracked stair step. I got a good answer, and have acted on it. During the process I learned more that might be helpful to future searchers: ...
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Why is the use of relays in home wiring frowned upon?

It seems that some folks on the main site frown upon (this is the only direct indication I can find, but I've seen a few comments and non-upvoted answers that indicate this as well) the use of relays ...
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2 answers

Should answers agreeing with other answers be added as a comment or edit instead

I have seen many answers that agree with the first answer supplied, and simply add an extra bit of information (see this question, and this one, and this one). Should these answers simply be added as ...
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