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Gas cans should be on-topic per the Help Center

As stated in the question, filling a gas can at a gas station is a common home improvement task that enables me to perform other home improvement tasks at home. How to easily fill a gas can at a ...
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Reason for dupe closing seems invalid

My question How to remove glue from temporary paper shades on vinyl windows? was just closed as being a duplicate of what is the easiest way too clean adhesive residue from glass? However my question ...
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Duplicate questions getting re-answered

This may come off as a rant - and I guess maybe it is one (at least a little bit), but here goes... Why do users re-answer questions which are clearly and obviously duplicates instead of flagging them ...
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Closing because question "abandoned"?

Recently I've come across a large number of questions in the Home Improvement Stack Review Close Votes queue that are marked to be closed for "a community-specific reason", with the written-...
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Why close a question just because the same exact question has been asked and answered before?

Recently a question was closed because it had been asked and answered before. I thought this was a forum to express your expertise. Why close a question when you could refer the OP to the previously ...
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When to close for product recommendations

I do a lot of closures on the main Stack Overflow site so I've seen more than a few recommendation requests. While DIY is a different subject set, I've been increasingly baffled by people wanting to ...
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Off-Topic, belongs on another site -- Why is Meta the only option?

Start here: Direct USB Charging Battery This is obviously OT on DIY, the best fit would be electronics. So, Close, Select "This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network" and ...
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Closing old answered questions as off-topic?

I agree with closing old off-topic questions, but in this case the question is answered: In an AC circuit, where does hot end and neutral begin? What is the point of closing it?
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Closure: 'Except pitcher filters, are there portable water filters without electricity that filter chemicals, metals, and pathogens?'

Please advise why and were unilaterally closed, and how they can be made on-topic again? I ask because I had ...
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What happened to the "not about home improvement" close option?

I've been an SE participant for years, but only got actively involved with DIY in 2015. I'd have sworn that early on there was a flag/close option along the lines of "Not about home improvement". Am I ...
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"Closed" vs "On hold"

I know that questions are sometimes marked as "on hold" instead of "closed" if the community needs more information / clarification to provide a good answer, and I like that feature. But I also ...
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New custom close reason here on meta

I've proposed the following new custom close reason for here on Meta.DIY: The problem described here can no longer be reproduced. Changes to the system or to the circumstances affecting the asker ...
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What should we do about duplicates that are better questions than the original?

Is it acceptable, or to code, to splice electrical wire outside of a junction box behind drywall? is closed as duplicate of Is there a way to simply splice in an additional length of 12/2 NM-B ...
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New close reasons: unclear, too broad, opinion-based, and custom sub-reasons off-topic

There will be changes in close reasons in the next few days: “not constructive” and “not a real question” are replaced by “unclear what you're asking” “too broad” “primarily opinion-based” “off-topic”...
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Is asking a question relevant to a specific county too local?

I asked a question about dumping waste in my county. It was closed as too local. As per Joel Spolsky, co-founder of stackexchange, the rule of thumb for too local is "why is their a car parked outside ...