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iOS App bug uploading pics from iPhone 7 asked me to post to Meta

The iOS App got stuck uploading a photo. I was getting this error: It wouldn’t upload from the originals (2) in-spite of trying several times. So I tried a joined layout and it worked. Maybe because ...
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What causes an unupvote and why would I get one?

I looked at my reputation today and noticed something odd, an 'unupvote' on my answer to this question. This occurred after my answer was edited for a very minor spelling issue. I've never heard of ...
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How are we to handle copyright edits?

I've seen quite a few edits like this one in the queue of late. They're almost always anonymous and trying to either link to the site that the image came from or (in this case) remove the image (which ...
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Redact, or leave idiocy for moderators?

In cases of spam or trolling, as a non-moderator with editing privileged I'm often tempted not just to flag it but to clip out the offensive section until the mods can get to it. I've never been sure ...
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Adding content to others' answers

I know one or two of you might have noticed me adding content like pictures or links. I hope this does not annoy you - it is just that your answers are the correct answers in my opinion, but I do ...
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Rejected edit then edited by person rejecting

Let me start by saying this is not a flame attempt, I just want to know why when I put the time into fixing a question (link didn't work and was unnecessary messy at the bottom of the post) it is ...
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Is there a way to add a suggested edit as a comment?

Just came across a suggested edit for this answer, which would fit better as a comment. Is there a way to convert the edit to a comment, while leaving the original answer alone?
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3 answers

How should minor edits be handled?

I received notice that two of my previous questions were edited. Obviously, if those edits improved the question somehow, that's a good thing. So I went to check them out, also wanting to verify that ...
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1 answer

How do I remove a picture from a post permanently?

Is it possible to remove an uploaded picture permanently without deleting the entire answer? I uploaded a picture of a dead mouse on this question without considering it may be offensive to other ...
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What is proper etiquette for editing question titles and questions?

I was about to edit the title of "milgard vs jeld-wen" (to something like "Which window brand is better, Milgard or Jeld-Wen?"). However, I don't yet have the 2000 rep normally required to edit ...