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I misled some users into closing my fence post question. What can be done?

A couple of days ago I posted this question: How can I make a post base support fenceposts (gateposts) on top of concrete? The form of the question is basically: "How can I do X?" with ...
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Duplicate flat concrete roof questions

I am looking for a solution for waterproofing flat concrete deck/roof and found there are several duplicates questions. As I don't do a lot on this site, I am just bringing it your attention on how ...
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What should we do about duplicates that are better questions than the original?

Is it acceptable, or to code, to splice electrical wire outside of a junction box behind drywall? is closed as duplicate of Is there a way to simply splice in an additional length of 12/2 NM-B ...
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Questions about flooding.

I have seen numerous questions dealing with yard flooding, which do not possess enough uniqueness to warrant their own question. Personally I have seen these below... How do I stop backyard from ...
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