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Is there an issue with SE showing embedded pictures?

I've noticed today that several images are not being embedded in the post as they should, instead they're showing up only as links. For example this one. I tried to edit it to get it to embed the ...
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iOS App bug uploading pics from iPhone 7 asked me to post to Meta

The iOS App got stuck uploading a photo. I was getting this error: It wouldn’t upload from the originals (2) in-spite of trying several times. So I tried a joined layout and it worked. Maybe because ...
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Is uploading images broken?

I edited a post to upload an image but it's not showing. The link turns into an infinite redirect loop: The question post is Fusible plug blew on mini-split A/C, ...
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Does image data get erased when uploaded?

I often upload photos of my house and neighborhood when asking questions. Does the meta data associated with these photos (such as geo data) get erased when they are posted? I wouldn't want someone ...
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How to post images and pictures? [duplicate]

I have some DIY questions (mostly electrical with wiring and grounds and stuff) and I need to show pictures (cannot describe it adequately). I read up on how to show images but it is all with LINKS ...
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Built-in image uploader falls over

So, I'm trying to upload a photo of some NM in my basement so I can ask questions about its provenance and condition (its inside a half-faced partition wall underneath some stairs). Thing is, the ...
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How do I add pictures to a question from my phone?

The title says it all. When I post questions from my phone I don't get the option to add a picture. I think.
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What's the guidance for including images from other sites?

In this question, I included a link to a diagram that was essential to understanding the question. @Tester101 edited the question to include a copy of the actual image. For future reference, is there ...
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Announcement: new users can now post images

Since the beginning of Stack Exchange, new users—those with less than 10 rep—have not been allowed to add images to their posts. Since this can be a deterrent for them, other users on ...
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Easy tools to illustrate posts?

Most DIY posts can benefit from illustrations and photos. Uploading photos is pretty easy now, but generating illustrations, not so much. What quick and easy web graphics editors do you recommend ...
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Change the image upload so that a thumbnail is shown and the full size image linked

The current image uploading creates markdown like this: ![alt text][1] [1]: This means that a potentially large image - often the case with our images - is ...
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How can I add an image to a question/answer?

I'm asking/answering a question and would like to include a picture, how can I add an image to my question/answer?
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Missing imgur image

This question: How can I finish this "peeled" drywall? has it's image missing: The link is I tried editing the question but as you can see here the ...
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Please try using smaller versions of images

Recently I asked this question on global Meta. The problem is when users upload huge photos to illustrate something they usually don't need very high resolution - for example, it might be a photo of a ...
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Should we make adding an image easier?

This site is appreciably different from the StackOverflow site, in that most of the SO questions can be answered in text by way of an explanation. The illustration is code. On this site, some ...
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Wrong image displayed for maintenance screen.

I got a screen before saying "This Stack Exchange site is currently offline for maintenance", and the image that appeared there seems to be related instead to the Gaming site: alt text http://sstatic....
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