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I posted here, but it seems like a better fit for Woodworking Beta

I hadn't noticed the existence of Woodworking (which may not have even been around when I joined DIY) when I posted this question: How do I get the most out of cracked lumber? But it looks like it is ...
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1 answer

Should reputation be reset for migrated question?

I recently posted a topic that did not belong on the site. The question was migrated to a more appropriate site. In the meantime however the question was down voted on this site. After migration, the ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Should we migrate on-topic questions that are better suited to Woodworking?

This recent question about finishing a table top would likely get more and higher quality answers over at the new Woodworking Beta site. What's the procedure for migrating a question that's still on-...
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2 answers

Should questions tagged [sprinkler-system] and/or [turf] be migrated to Gardening & Landscaping?

We currently have 17 questions tagged sprinkler-system. We also have 4 questions tagged turf (though there is some overlap) Should these be candidates for migration to Gardening & Landscaping? ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Questions that should be migrated to Gardening and Landscaping.

Now that Gardening and Landscaping is in beta and going quite well any question that fits their site better should really be migrated. Normally questions aren't migrated to beta sites but if they'd ...
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