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Is there a way to view a list of tags?

I am relatively new to this site and recently earned editing privileges including editing tags in questions. I would like to improve questions by adding relevant tags but the issue that I have is that ...
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Is it wrong to tag a user to ask their opinion?

I was commenting with a fellow user on a question and after about five or so back and forth comments he never replied to my last comment. I left it six hours before making this comment @user Have ...
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World regions as tags? [duplicate]

(I am new here.) I have observed the following. Looks like the majority of active population of this SE is American. When I ask a question, I get answers, for which I need quite a bit of further ...
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Brand names as tags

We have a few questions that are tagged with brand names: What is the best way to get superglue off a Corian countertop. [Corian] Replace a glass stove top…in unconventional ways? [Whirlpool] Humming ...