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No low rep voting, please!

There is a system-wide plan to test lower voting threshholds - basically 1 point for up or down voting (so any new registered user) with no downvote penalty. The full details are here on Meta SE.. The ...
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12 votes
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Can we just upvote questions more?

Don't have much to say. I thumb through questions. I upvote anything that contains all info needed and is not a repeat. However I often see comments on the question from our top 30 users and see no ...
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Modify badge criteria to motivate behavior that would improve this site

I suggested that the lack of voting is dampening the success of this SE site. Tester101 posted some query results suggesting that the phenomenon I observed is real. Previous studies show that badges ...
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Strategies for dead questions?

When I join a SE site I often look through unanswered questions and try to answer as many of those as I can. However on this site there seems to be a lot of "dead" questions, by which I mean that ...
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