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In general - No. If a question is on topic here it should remain here. Questions should really only be migrated if they are a) good and b) off topic. The fact that we have an overlap with Woodworking shouldn't really come into it. However, if the OP requests that a question is migrated, then I'm very likely to honour that request. In this specific ...


The copy of your question here on Home Improvement will be automatically deleted after 30 days (source: Delete old migrated questions), at which time you'll get those reputation points back. The most highly upvoted feature request to change that behavior, Reset votes on migrated questions, has been declined, so the answer is to be patient, I'm afraid.


The sprinkler-system tag on the Gardening and Landscaping site has only one question, and I couldn't find a “sod” tag there. I think we should wait to migrate until the gardening site has more questions than we do on the topic of the question. Or at least until there is evidence that the questions are on topic on the gardening site, and that the gardening ...


You can flag the question using the "other" option for a moderator to migrate. However, you need to consider the following: Is your question actually off topic here. There is an overlap between the sites and some questions will fit either. In this case you're probably right about where the best place is, but usually we don't migrate good on topic questions....


I think it's easier to look at tags than search for individual questions: The compost tag. You've already got listed one: Two of the planting questions. I'm not sure about How to get rid of a burned coal smell that's coming to my flat? being on-topic there; see ...


Questions closed that mention gardens and gardening: Questions migrated:

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