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The fact that an old question can reappear and get new answers is by design. Things change, what was the best answer a year or two ago might not be any more. Admittedly this is less likely in the world of DIY, but it can still happen - especially if electrical codes change. I too get thrown sometimes by old questions reappearing - they might have been ...


As noted in the other answer, the OP had over 160 rep at the time he created the bounty, so a 100 rep bounty was within the rules. See the FAQ on [Meta Stack Overflow] for more than you ever wanted to know about bounties. In this case, the bounty expired about 7 hours ago as I write this. The person who created the bounty has a 24 hour grace period to ...


It's incorrect to say that a 65 rep user set a 100 rep bounty... a 165 rep user set a 100 rep bounty hence he became a 65 rep user :-) See the rep timeline here:

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible