I don't believe there's much to be done if they aren't causing any harm. Should you see any abuse by users creating new accounts to conceal bad behavior, that would be appropriate to flag and we can address that. Your welcome messages to new users are nice for the site and I see no reason to refrain from that. If someone wishes to remain relatively ...


That's your typical spam with an added copyright violation, flag it as such and we'll remove the content and destroy the user account. I'm going through these two now.


I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Self-promotion is normal. That is not the same as "spam". Spam refers specifically to unsolicited commercial email and, more generically (at least in SE context) to posting answers that are self-promoting. But: Even just a "real name" is enough to be self-promotion in some situations - Google can find anyone/...


My understanding is that users can put what they want in to their profile page(s). It does of course have to be limited so as to not be offensive and not violate the rights of others. Keep in mind that it is a choice to go look at someone's profile page.

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