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No low rep voting, please!

There is a system-wide plan to test lower voting threshholds - basically 1 point for up or down voting (so any new registered user) with no downvote penalty. The full details are here on Meta SE.. The ...
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I'm stepping down from moderation duties, and here's why

I simply do not have the amount of time to give, that I think this site deserves. While my family continues to grow, "free time" has become a thing of the past. My responsibilities at work have also ...
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I feel sorry for Tester101

The question activity this morning makes it look like @Tester101 has the worst-constructed house in the industrialized world.
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Congratulations on **300k** Harper

Congratulations Harper on hitting 100,000 200,000 300,000 reputation! 2024-03-12 Update: Harper is now the first person to reach 300,000 imaginary internet points on DIY! 2021-11-02 Update: Harper is ...
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3-vote close - how's it going?

UPDATE: While the testing period has ended, this change has been well-received by the community so we have opted to not reset the votes needed to close/reopen to 5 while we look at data. Please let me ...
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Can we just upvote questions more?

Don't have much to say. I thumb through questions. I upvote anything that contains all info needed and is not a repeat. However I often see comments on the question from our top 30 users and see no ...
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Would you like to help promote the site by giving away pencils?

So I made up these DIY pencils: They look great AND I have oodles of them. If you'd like to give these away, such as at a local hardware store or leaving them at a Habitat ReStore counter, that's ...
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Are questions about safety-equipment testing off-topic?

A question I had asked about checking respirators awhile back was recently closed as "off-topic". From my understanding, it would fall under tools & best practices for home improvement ...
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Why were flags on these conversational/argumentative comments declined?

Stack Exchange guidance on the use of comments specifies You should submit a comment if you want to: Request clarification from the author; Leave constructive criticism that guides the author in ...
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Announcement: new users can now post images

Since the beginning of Stack Exchange, new users—those with less than 10 rep—have not been allowed to add images to their posts. Since this can be a deterrent for them, other users on ...
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2012 Community Moderator Election Results

Home Improvement's second moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the two new moderators are: They'll be joining the existing crew shortly - please thank them for ...
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We've got a blog! Would you like to contribute to it?

First off, we've got a blog! Would you like to contribute to it? You'll need to contact an administrator for an account. We need to know your username here on, and we'll need ...
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New Design Launched

Hi All, as you can see the new design just went live. Which means this site has been officially launched! Congratulations! If you're still seeing the old favicons, please load the follow urls and do ...
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Home Improvement or DIY - scope change to grow site

Buried in comments and answers to other questions here on meta (some linked below), there is an underlying questions that we need to talk about. Are we a Home Improvement community or a DIY community?...
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We should [finish] this

We have way too many tags about finish, and not an excerpt to be found finish - 44 questions finishing - 127 questions wood-finish - 18 questions wood-finishing - 56 questions And then we have ...

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