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Like Vessel Sinks, Whole room &/or house Recessed Lighting and PEX...I don't get it, I don't like it and it makes no sense...from Day-One, for me. Where's "The Wiki" from everyone's work here? Is the Community suppose to be "The Wiki"? Why even mention a separate Wiki if you don't actually have one?

Sure, this site could, extremely loosely, be considered a Wiki, but that would be way too generous. In my opinion and protest, a Wiki should be a broken away topic with the circumstances and solutions being know, like a real Wiki is.

Then and only then, can this or any Stack Exchange community graduate to what it, allegedly, intended to be someday. That day is very far away.

Therefore, I feel these sites should have a Wiki side or other site that's worked on separately from asking and answering questions. Yes, this means the points, badges and hierarchy along with those answers that weren't chosen as the answer by the asker are deleted.

Because, constantly recycling questions like an asker from years ago is still waiting is ridiculous, annoying and literally pointless...they won't be back and regardless of finally getting the perfect answer, they won't be choosing anything as an answer.

At least require the asker to check a box next to answers for something like 'not good enough' or just expire the questions and their answer(s) in 90-days if the box isn't checked or no answer is determined by the asker. It's gone and a new asker can ask, if that even ever happens again.

Stack Exchange in total is just too poorly designed and managed with a very shortsighted run-of-the-mill mentality to ever mature to something I would contribute to frequently.

Sure, I enjoy solving someone's riddle and even re-affirming what I know through others. However, as most old-hats unknowingly broadcast far and wide, there's no end and the goal isn't even being approached. With SE, entirely, you can see the finish line clearly, they just won't give you any legs, wheels nor a ladder to ever get there.

If you want to be a laughably pointless Quora, then just say so and stop lying and being a fraud.

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