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Just a old fart that managed a multimillion dollar training range.

Who retired to enjoy my toys, but now just do my best to keep cancer from ruining my life.

Hoping to make the best of my life's rest by making the most of what knowledge I have amassed as it must have been collected for something.

A little history:
When I was about eight years old, on one of our family vacations, I pick up one of the gift shop items from Mammoth Caves. It was a box of rock pieces containing various rocks and minerals.
One that interested me the most was a gallium chunk. I had read about gallium in a "HOW IT WORKS" book which identified it as being used in crystal radios. It talked about using a cat-whisker to "tune" stations. So I pulled the crystal from the box and with my dads help making the cat-whisker I built my first radio.
I was hooked on electronics from there on.

It was about the same time our family built our own home. My dad and a few friends built it from the basement up. I was helping all the way. I got to run and hook up electrical, install plumbing and even do a bit of framing. I could not drive a nail as good as my dad but I did hammer quite a few. That experience helped me in my life to build add ons to my own home, rewire a couple full houses, pour foundations, and plumb in about every thing possible.

And then between my granddads truck stop and my dads interest in car and their guidance and instruction on car repair, engine rebuilding, I have been in or under so many different cars I have lost count.

So now my retired hobbies range from cars, electronics, home repair, heavy equipment, computers and more.

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