When looking at the questions list sorted by "active", I noticed a handful of older questions that popped up as modified. Usually when this happens it's a mod editing something, but these all showed as modified by 1 rep users. I clicked the questions to browse through the answers, comments, and edits, but saw no activity from the usernames stated on the question list. What's going on here? Am I just blind?

Why energy saving bulb flashes when the switch is off?

How much cooling can I expect from a central air conditioner?

Can I put rigid foam on studs to prevent thermal bridging?

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For some reason, today there have been a lot of 1-rep users posting follow-on questions as answers. I've been deleting the posts as soon as I see them, and as appropriate, leaving a comment for the user to post a new question.

You need 10k rep in order to see other peoples' deleted posts, which is why you can't see any visible changes.

See also: Why does "Community" regularly bring very old topics back up to the top

  • Thanks for the explanation! – mjohns Jul 22 '15 at 16:47

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