This (now closed as duplicate) question asks for tool recommendations for a new home-owner. However, it also provides a list of projects that the OP plans, which made me think that the original question could be rephrased as one or more questions like "What tools will I need to [replace an interior door]?"

I think there's some value to be had in such questions. For example, I've replaced some interior slab doors and don't recall any instructions saying that a plunge router and template are more useful than chisel and hammer for cutting the hinge mortises. On the other hand, I can also see that a "what tools and/or supplies do I need for X" question could be just one part of a "how do I do X" question.

Should we allow these questions? If so, should we have some guidelines in place for which form ("how do I" vs. "what do I need") of question is appropriate?

Full disclosure: I have a couple of such questions in mind myself.

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I think including a tools-required list in an answer to a general how-to question about a specific project is a great idea. Having the right tool for a job can save tons of time and improve workmanship quality. I'm not so sure about the "give me a list of tools for [x] project" questions though. That might lead to a bulleted list of tools with no explanation of what to use them for, why they're necessary, etc. On the contrary, an expanded answer with steps on how to complete a project with notes on what tools to use for each phase would be very useful.


I think asking what tools are needed for a job is fine, as long as your asking for a specific job not just "It's Christmas, what tools should I ask for?". It could also be helpful to ask it as a separate question rather than asking "How to do job x, and what tools are required?", asking as a separate question allows the community to better answer/vote/accept answers to the question.

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