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What causes an unupvote and why would I get one?

I looked at my reputation today and noticed something odd, an 'unupvote' on my answer to this question. This occurred after my answer was edited for a very minor spelling issue. I've never heard of ...
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Should reputation be reset for migrated question?

I recently posted a topic that did not belong on the site. The question was migrated to a more appropriate site. In the meantime however the question was down voted on this site. After migration, the ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Strategies for dead questions?

When I join a SE site I often look through unanswered questions and try to answer as many of those as I can. However on this site there seems to be a lot of "dead" questions, by which I mean that ...
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Bug in bounty system? +100 bounty from a rep 65 member

So a reputation 65 member put a +100 bounty on this question: Why does cold water always mix in bathtub mixing valve, even on hottest setting? I thought it odd, but whatever. Should it have been ...
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Where's the bounty

This question had a 50 point bounty on it, and my answer was accepted but I did not receive the 50 points. The asker lost 50 points, so where's the bounty? Is this a glitch in the system, or did ...
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